Frequently Asked Questions

Who Are Oasis Watering?

Oasis Watering is a firm dedicated to the design, supply, and maintenance of domestic garden irrigation systems.

What Do They Do?

We provide automated watering systems to enhance the quality and productivity of domestic gardens. The process starts with a detailed questionnaire and a site survey, and is followed with a comprehensive quotation, which is provided free of charge. If the client accepts the quote, a professional installation completes the job. Oasis offers three levels of optional maintenance service for the client to choose from.

Why Should I Install an Irrigation System?

Irrigated gardens are greener, brighter, healthier, and more manageable than those without the facility. If you have pride in your garden, or would like to be proud of it, irrigation is a major step in the right direction.

Why Contract with Oasis Watering?

Oasis offers prompt, friendly, and efficient services at very affordable prices.

Where Do They Operate?

Oasis is based in Teddington, and operates mainly in South-West London.

What Do They Charge?

This depends entirely on the scope of the customer’s requirements. Our typical charges range from £250 for a patio to £3,000 for a large garden of around 120ft by 80ft.

What Kind of Systems Are Offered?

Oasis will generally provide any kind of irrigation system required. Most of our clients opt for economical, automatic, over-ground systems which rely on mains water pressure. If subterranean, pop-up, or pumped systems are required, these are also available, but are significantly more expensive.

Contact us now, in Teddington, Middlesex, if you have any further questions about our irrigation systems.

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